Chinese Cross Boarder Shoppers causes massive out-of-stock in Germany


Alpecin caffeine shampoo in front of a German drugstore shelf with Chinese translation

Opening of official retail channel in China helps to cool down massive product demand from Chinese cross-border shoppers in Germany.  Chinese Cross Boarder Shoppers causes massive out-of-stock in Germany.

The power of Chinese overseas retail shoppers has again caught the attention of international media. This time several German media channels have covered the story “First milk powder, now shampoo - Chinese consumers, again, go crazy for our products” – now Chinese cross border specialists have discovered the German caffeine shampoo brand “Alpecin”.

One of Germany’s biggest newspapers F.A.Z. reports that the massive interest of Chinese importers, especially for the well-known Caffeine product “Alpecin” has led to a situation where major German retailers had to surrender to a vast demand and eventually to overall out of stock situations.

Price rally and out-of-stocks in China are not be expected.

Chinese consumers are searching for new ways and channels to purchase Alpecin products from abroad, even if they are not knowing if the products are real or fake. There is a safer and quicker way to purchase the Caffeine Shampoo Brand. The company has already set up in China in April 2016.

Alpecin launched the 3 best selling products in over 2,000 Watsons stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou etc., and the brand has also initiated online distribution via the online platform Tmall. The brand pledges to its Chinese customers that all its products, whether sold in Germany or China, preserve the same quality standard.

“We are very happy about the trust of the Chinese customers in our products. We know that this trust is mainly based on the ideal of quality “Made in Germany” says CEO of Dr. Wolff Mr. Eduard Doerrenberg. Knowing that this massive demand for infant formula in Germany led to a massive price increase in Asia we are not willing to repeat that price rally. We have a regional stable pricing strategy and will not take advantage out of the current situation.”

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, a product developed by the scientific research team of the German company Dr. Wolff in the year 1930 is a product that recharges and cleanses the hair to promote natural hair growth. Alpecin’s main ingredient that helps hair to feel stronger is “caffeine”. Apply the shampoo once a day and massage into hair and scalp. Leave it on for 2 minutes before rinsing it out.