Our mission

Science is our constant companion

"Everyone is beautiful in his own way, because his appearance is the mirror of his soul. Discover the typical, the individual; nourish, strengthen and preserve it." - That was the credo of Dr. Kurt Wolff.

Dr. Kurt Wolff realised that skin and hair are particularly healthy and beautiful when they are in their natural balance. This balance must be preserved, strengthened and protected against negative influences, both internal and external. But skin and hair are as varied as the personalities to which they belong. Therefore, care must be individually tailored to the specific needs of the different types of skin and hair.

These realisations form the basis for all Dr. Kurt Wolff products. Today, we are constantly working with renowned scientists and the most advanced technology in order to improve our products and formulas. After all, the right type of care for a person's skin and hair is also very important for his holistic well-being and individual beauty.